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Competent And Experienced
“Bob Reynolds of Professional Insurance has been my insurance and investment man for over 20 years.  Bob’s competence and experience in the insurance and investment business goes without question.  Bob has steered me in the right direction with homeowners insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, retirement accounts, and occasionally personal advice.  Professional Insurance also has a staff of fully competent and friendly people eager to answer questions and make the routine changes to automobile insurance policies as they come up.  Bob and his team do all the little things right, but it is the one big thing that has kept me with Bob for over 20 years, TRUST.  I trust this man with my life, not just my money.  I see him standing tall with his family at Mass on Sunday.  I see him leading the Fenton Rotary Club.  This is a man of character.  Bob will be my insurance man for life!”
Joe Griffin


Knowledgeable And Helpful
“Mr. Reynolds and the entire Professional Insurance and Investment team are not only incredibly knowledgeable and helpful but always there for you.
They are a major asset for my family and business.”
Robert Perani


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